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Do prayers ever come true?

Many people often wonder whether their prayers to God, The Spirit, Allah, etc. has been heard and answered. I often feel that our prayers are answered most of the time, but based on a few things. One, I don't think that if we ask for specifics such as wanting a dog with green spots would actually materialize. Unless of course, you end up with a dog who gets some strange disease that gets green spots (whatever the hell that may be).

I think that if we believe in what we ask for and do everything in our power to make it come true, then it will come true. It must! "Believe and it shall be given" were the words of Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago. These words are very powerful, whether you are aware or not. At times we may wish for things such as a full recovery from a terminal illness of a relative. Many times we ask that this person becomes free of all pain and suffering and to be happy again. And in many cases, the person still dies. Think about the scenario though. For those who believe in an afterlife, what is it that we believe about the afterlife? Is it that when we die, we still have to go through trials similar to what life has given us? The chance of us getting diseases and coming across a period in which we seem to go through nothing but suffering are always present? Or is it that we believe the person is happy and fulfilled in the presence of Divinity? For some, facing this issue is a tough one. Many people at or soon after the moment of the relative's death would want the individual to be alive and well with them. But according to many faiths, the deceased and those who passed are with us, always sending us signs that they are there for us. Many times, we can be so caught up in our grief, that we don't see the signs.

But to bring us back to the question of whether our prayers materialize... I think it all depends on what you're willing to put into it. I do recall in quite a few faiths it is said that "God will not help those who do not help themselves". And also, check out the saying, "What goes around, comes around". If you believe that both of these statements are true, then would it not make sense that if we help others, we are in turn helping ourselves? Spiritually, I feel that whenever we do something out of the goodness of our souls- simply just because, that it is being takennote of. Even if a person does not say thank you for the good you have done for them, the universe, God, Spirit, Allah, etc. takes note of this. And so, whenever you pray for something reasonable (i.e. just a nice healthy, obediant dog, NOT with the green spots) then somewhere, somehow, the blessing will come. I don't think it's good to simply wait and time divinity because it never seems to work that way. I know from experience, you will know a miracle when you come across one. It could be in the form of someone saying something to someone else and it seemed to be the right information that you needed. Or it could be a thought that you haven't thought of in years that could help you solve a mystery or answer a question. To me, simple things like that are signs that Divinity does "listen" and answer our prayers. I think the most imporant part is that we believe that it whatever it is, will come.


Blogger x__katt. said...

Hello, and thank you, that was actually quite enlightening. However, sort of misleading I think. A friend of mine read the book 'Twilight' and ever since then believes that it will happen to her too. In case you haven't read the book, it is about a girl Bella, who moves to Froks to live with her father. And long story short, she meets this vampire and they fall in love. It isn't really the common vampire that is evil and burns in the sun and who never sleeps. This vampire sparkles and is almost transparent in the sun and can't sleep. At all. And has been 17 since the year 1901. So now she is convinced it will happen to her. She believes on her life and everything she has that it will happen. She prays multiple times a day for this and is literally obsessed with this thought. And on top of that, she is doing everything that she can to make this happen. She is trying to convince her parents to move there, and so far, it's working. She's trying so hard and it's a little bad sad because everyone knows that nobody can be immortal. And i realize that yes, some people believe that when they die, they're immortal. But not her kind of immortal. She wants to be able to roam around on Earth forever staying the age she was when she was "bitten" and never being able to get hurt or die or go to heaven, ect. She believes this and she is moving to Forks in about two years from now, and when she gets there and doesn't meet her version of Edward Cullen, she will be so depressed and just fall apart. But I guess my question is, do you think that it can happen for her? I guess I sort of do, I hope it does. It could be possible, right? Because not everyone can see God, but they still believe in him. So I guess it might be you think so?

Sun Feb 04, 11:46:00 AM  
Blogger The Lone Traveller said...

Hi, well truly an enriching experience but I must confess that I revere such matters and place them by choice, beyond personal understanding. I believe they aren't meant to be understood.

Well, I am a Hindu. I believe in Gods like Vishnu, Ram, Shiva and Ganesha. I'm sure you would be partially acquainted with the idea. But all I wished o say is that prayers do come true. God listens. He loves us all. The key to prars is that they take time to materialize but if you truly pray for something then no doubt it will come true ... some day. Or so I believe. Whenever I have wanted something really bad, it has happened. Not immediately, but after time, when I have forgotten about it. Unexpectedly, the prayer comes true and this further heightens the sense of euphoria. I prayed for things, quite far fetched to be true, but my heart spoke it to God. I prayed it with a true heart, really wanting it. Most of these have come true. I'm waiting for others to come true as well.

In fact, just now I was sitting feeling miserable about something and I typed out, out of my fingers' own accord, typed out misery on the keyboard. And less than a minute later, someone called and told me something that immediately uplifted me. A bit, not completely out of my misery, but something ... yes. Miraculous. My faith in God has shaken at times, but then something happens that I just can't not believe in him. He is there and prayers do come true. Its only about truly wanting something and waiting patiently. Forgetting about it. It's no longer your concern. The Almighty will take care of it; its his headache now. Just give it time ...

Wed Jan 09, 12:32:00 PM  
Blogger Heartbroken and Lost can some1help? said...

Hi, iv never ever used a site or a blog like this before and im really seeking some help. Me and my boyfriend split up and then we continued to kiss on some occasions, I really love him and miss him. He was like such a rock to me when my gran was ill she suffered from Dementia, and then my big gran was in hospital alot with strokes and CDiff. Although when I was grieving for my gran my Ex boyfriend was there to comfort me and told me he would always be there but then one night he was drunk and kissed another girl 2 weeks after I lost my gran I was really upset and I said alot of things that I didnt mean to him. He said he wanted to move on and I agreed to do it at the the time because I always thought we would have just made up again like we used to do, but we haven't. One night just when I was in bed I decided to pray to God and my gran and Grandad, Although there has been some improvment in the relationship between me and My Ex boyfriend I really love him and want him back for his support and because i love and miss him so much and feel like I cant get on with my life without him. I need advice has anyone been in a similar situation and prayed to god and its came true?

Reply to this please, Your'e help would be a great deal to me x

Mon Dec 22, 08:57:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

I don't know, how to help really, but I would just like to answer you with your question. You mentioned, how you said things to him that you didn't mean, and that you still love him and you miss him. You broke up right? but then why do you two always kiss when at parties. If you think about it you haven't really lost him at all. Maybe the title "boyfriend and girlfriend" but I am sure that you two are still in communication and still have feelings for one another. I say this because, if he didn't have any such feelings for you no more well why does he kiss you back?
You see, he still cares for you as well. He has been there for you through your roughest moments. If you ask, and believe that you two will have that title once again, well I am sure one day if patient you two will be boyfriend and girlfriend once again, and this time you two have to just stay strong. Love is a powerful thing, without a heart; we would not be living at all. Love is in all of us, God is in all of us, Be honest, be true, and it will come to you.

My cousin once told me "Patience is Virtue"

Sat Nov 07, 12:38:00 AM  
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